For those unfamiliar with my work, I am a landscape painter, largely working outdoors in front of the subject whenever possible. Although born in London and governed by its gravitational pull for much of the year, I have a particular fondness for the effects of light, especially near water or the sea. Oil paint is my principal medium, although as time and the mood takes me, I work in watercolours, pencil, charcoal or woodcut.


At present, the painting part of the site is divided into galleries, covering a number of works, often presented as a series around a theme. For last year I traveled around England by motorbike, from Whitby to Falmouth, following in the footsteps of JMW Turner, using his Ports and Harbours of England prints for likely locations.

A trip to Penang, Malaysia also provided an invigorating experience  for sketchbooks and pochade panels alike. The pencil drawings later provided a series of pastels of Penang life which I drew on my return to London.

The smaller oil sketches are usually on 6”x 8” wood panels, the larger ones 10×12″, also on panel. Originally they were were once intended to be  preparatory works for larger pictures, but as paintings I soon found that they retained a freshness and first-touch appeal, that has kept them selling often before I get around to scaling them up.

Whether crouched in the lee of a rainswept war memorial on a Welsh hillside trying to search out a painting or baking on a Margate beach in full biking kit watched attentively by a small audience of children and adults, the pochade boxes get it done – made of wood, easily fixed. No batteries. On the Turner trip I also took canvases and easel to Yorkshire, but didn’t use them and ditched them for all the subsequent legs.

Travels only as far as Russell Square have developed into on ongoing series of figures painted as they relax in public parks and squares in London. Russell Square itself is a small oasis away from the London’s pace, where people take their leisure seriously, and more importantly to me, they hold their poses for a long time.

I try to keep the site updated regularly, particularly after painting and sketching trips out of London, although the best intentions sometimes fall short. As the site develops, blogs and the rest, I’ll try and include some of the earlier work if it still retains sufficient appeal.

Special thanks are due to: Julie Janet, Norm and Jude Boyd, Faye Doswell, Jo Batterham, Russ and Pat Prett, Hugo and Pandora, Steve Piper, Vicky and Jim McIntaggert, Paul Gilbert,  Otis Farnsworth, Pauline Finnegan, Louise in Caister, Ann and Graham Reid,  for all their help and support on my recent adventures.