Well, it’s about time! I’m sure that I’m not the only one that thinks so, either. From April 3rd-14th 2019 at Burgh House in Hampstead (near to the tube station) I will be showing some of the results of the Following In The Footsteps of Turner tour that I undertook in 2015. It’s taken such a long time to arrange partly due to the unreliability of other galleries in the area and partly to the decision to work up some of the pictures from their original pochade panels up to larger canvas paintings.

If you’d like to see some of the work from the tour, on the site, go to Gallery 2 (above). Since I have just found out that the storage has apparently increased dramatically recently, I will soon be adding some of the other pictures from both that tour and subsequent ones to North Cornwall, South Wales and the West Coast of Ireland.

For the Burgh House show, I will also include four folders containing the complete diaries from the four stages of the tour, including a selection of the drawings. If the whinges and moans of a touring artist, including gratuitous swearing are not for you, you’d best stick to looking at the pictures – but they also present the reality of the constant hauling of a motorbike up hill and down dale, the never-ending 5am starts, observations about painting, art and the world around me as I travelled and so represent a snapshot of the things that invade the artist’s head throughout the day.

I do hope that you will be able to make it along to the event, it will be worth the wait, if I say so myself. All the work is for sale, but do feel free otherwise to just come along and browse what I’ve hung. The cafe on-site is decent, the house itself includes the Hampstead Museum and I will be in attendance for the duration of the show. What could be better than that…

(I will also be having a second 2019 show in Burgh House in October – details to be announced, after the dust has settled on this one)

Special thanks are due to: Julie Janet, Norm and Jude Boyd, Faye Doswell, Jo Batterham, Russ and Pat Prett, Hugo and Pandora, Steve Piper, Vicky and Jim McIntaggert, Paul Gilbert,  Otis Farnsworth and Rani Clarke, Pauline Finnegan, Louise in Caister, Ann and Graham Reid,  and all my patrons who helped fund it via IndieGoGo, for all their help and support on my adventures.