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I’d just like to thank all those who came along to see and buy my work at the two Burgh House shows in 2019. It’s always gratifying to see so many people come along, especially since it was been some time ago I last had a show in London. Thank you for keeping the faith!

I do have another show planned for Burgh House, but at present it is only pencilled-in for late 2021, so you can relax for the time being. For that show, I will probably be exhibiting some further work from my travels to the West Country, Wales North and South and a journey to the West Coast of Ireland. These are the outline plans at least, since landscape painters often amass a whole heap of work before any shows turn up, but these things are subject to change, as we know…

A brief introduction to those who don’t know my work. I am principally a landscape painter, someone who goes out to paint in the landscape. I travel by motorbike, put up somewhere for a few days and paint what atracts my eye – sometimes these are one-off trips, but more commonly I can be gone for three weeks or more, as this gives me a chance to explore the area I’m stopping in.

To connect my coastal route around Britain, having effectively painted from Whitby in the East to Rhyl in the West, my next outing I hope will take in either part of the Lake District, or North Yorkshire and then further north either way, towards Scotland. Whether I take on the immensity of a Scottish trip at the same time remains to be seen, as it is a question of logistics, since a three-week trip alone will not cover the land north of the border. Supply dumps, re-ups and returning pictures home are all factors that make the journey resemble that of Shackleton or Scott, though thankfully without having to eat the transportation!

The galleries at the top of the page will take you through some of my favourite excursions, including travels to Penang, the Turner Tour and the Russell Square series among others. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the art or its availability, please do get in touch…

I hope that you enjoy them…

Special thanks are due to: Julie Janet, Norm and Jude Boyd, Faye Doswell, Jo Batterham, Russ and Pat Prett, Hugo and Pandora, Steve Piper, Vicky and Jim McIntaggert, Paul Gilbert,  Otis Farnsworth and Rani Clarke, Pauline Finnegan, Louise in Caister, Ann and Graham Reid, Fran La Nave, Chip Carpenter, Michael Finnegan and all my patrons who helped fund it via IndieGoGo, for all their help and support on my adventures.