Firstly, a big Thank You to all who came to the Following in the Footsteps of Turner show at Burgh House in April. The Private View was very enjoyable, but the whole fortnight was a success, with a good turnout, especially those couldn’t make the PV and those members of the public who came along having seen Dan Carrier’s excellent piece in the Camden New Journal or Islington Tribune. Well done!

I have another show at Burgh House in October 2019 (23 Oct – 3 Nov) For this, I am planning to show some of the remainder of the Turner Tour pictures, as I only had room for around half of the paintings from the road-trip itself, plus work from subsequent visits to North Cornwall, South Wales, Snowdonia and the West Coast of Ireland.

Since they generated such interest at the Turner Show, I will also include the diaries from those tours, too – they gave me the rare opportunity to display the drawings I made along the way, as well. Normally they get stuck in the sketchbook, stuck in a drawer and stuck at home, never to be seen again, except perhaps when I rummage around looking for something and come across them unexpectedly.

My painting plans for the remainder of 2019 are unusually non-specific, largely because of the two Burgh House shows and a smaller showing at the Brighton Open House in May this year. I am hoping to travel to the North of England soon,  maybe even Scotland, since having started painting around the English coastline, with the original Turner Tour, I find that I have now worked from Whitby in Yorkshire, all the way to Rhyl in North Wales, so it seems foolish not to try and complete the journey! 

For those exploring this site for the first time, it is divided into galleries, each covering different aspects of my painting, often presented as a series around a theme or covering my travels. I try to keep it updated to cover what I am up to and since WordPress seems to have increased the storage I will soon be adding a couple more galleries, rather than taking down some older ones for ‘refurbishment, so watch this space!

Special thanks are due to: Julie Janet, Norm and Jude Boyd, Faye Doswell, Jo Batterham, Russ and Pat Prett, Hugo and Pandora, Steve Piper, Vicky and Jim McIntaggert, Paul Gilbert,  Otis Farnsworth and Rani Clarke, Pauline Finnegan, Louise in Caister, Ann and Graham Reid, Fran La Nave, Chip Carpenter, Michael Finnegan and all my patrons who helped fund it via IndieGoGo, for all their help and support on my adventures.